Changelog April 2022
  • Render PostgreSQL now supports multiple databases in a single PostgreSQL instance.
  • Render PostgreSQL External Connection Strings now include a unique database instance ID. For example,
    for a primary database, and
    <database-instance-id>.<replica cyan>
    for a replica database. Existing External Connection Strings without an instance ID will continue to work.
  • Render PostgreSQL load balancers now support SNI-based routing. Clients that support SNI (like the latest
    ) will connect to your database using SNI-based routing.
  • We added a quickstart guide for Remix:
  • When creating a new service, the suggested region is based on the regions of other services in your account.
  • Fixed an issue with services in which the port that received public traffic was not reachable by other services in the same region
  • Many small platform reliability and user experience improvements.