• The US East Ohio region is now available in early access! You can opt-in on the Account Settings page.
  • Static Outbound IP Addresses are now available for all services. Note that services created in the Oregon region within accounts created prior to January 23, 2022 will not use Static Outbound IP Addresses. Please create new services within a new Team to use Static Outbound IP Addresses.
  • The Dashboard has been updated to a more modern, streamlined design.
  • HTTP 502 errors now show a more descriptive page outlining reasons your site may be unavailable.
  • A
    dropdown is available in the Dashboard to access a service's internal address, SSH command, and Static Outbound IP addresses.
  • PostgreSQL 14 databases created after Feb 15, 2022 now have the timescaledb extension available. Additionally, we are now using the open source, Apache 2 licensed version of the extension instead of the community version.
  • libvips-tools
    has been added to our Native Environments.