It's been a while since we've updated you on our releases, improvements, and fixes. Consider this a catch-up and expect more regular updates going forward.
Monorepo Support
is now available, and continues to evolve based on user feedback:
  • You can now configure which services Render builds and deploys on push using Build Filters in the Dashboard or a Blueprint.
  • You can now specify a project directory and ignore all changes outside of it using the Root Directory setting in the Dashboard or a Blueprint.
  • You can now use Monorepo Support with Preview Environments.
  • You can now specify Build Filters and Root Directory upon service creation in the Dashboard.
  • Suggested Build and Start commands are now customized according to your Root Directory setting.
Setting a
Root Directory
will ignore changes outside of the specified directory, and provide custom recommendations for Build and Start commands:
Build Filters
allows for granular control of the services Render builds and deploys on each push:
More Releases, Improvements, and Fixes
  • The SQL Insights Stripe App is now available. Visit our Stripe App docs to learn how to sync your Stripe data to PostgreSQL.
  • You can now see the internal connection string, external connection string, and ssh command, if applicable, for your PostgreSQL databases and Redis instances using the new Connect widget.
  • Docker services now have the environment variable RENDER = true as documented under Environment Variables.
  • You can now see connected Git accounts and repository results sorted by last updated in the repository selection stage of the service creation flow.
  • We continue to make improvements to logging reliability.